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Tax Relief

Property taxes are a real concern for Austinites.

I will work with my colleagues to increase the homestead exemption percentage thereby providing Austinites some semblance of tax relief. To avoid sacrificing core city services - Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical - this partnership begins with members evaluating city spending trends while providing better oversight of existing budget funds. In addition, this process must include formulation and implementation of a plan to resolve the excessive overtime funds currently expended by our public safety entities. Eliminating the bulk of this expense, in and of itself, will directly benefit Austinites.

Public Safety

Ensuring our public safety professionals - police, fire, and EMS - are properly trained and equipped is a direct benefit to the community. As it relates to police officers, for example, the resulting efficiency equates to increased productivity, and an increase in productivity affords an individual officer more time to be in the community they serve - to build new and enhance existing relationships.

My opponent has discussed cutting or delaying replacement of public safety equipment [vehicles], in the event budget shortfalls occur. This is a direct conflict of her platform while campaigning, and it would create a safety concern for the community. I will use our police department as the example because my law enforcement background affords familiarity with the workings of a department.

It should be noted that many of APD's patrol cars are driven up to 24 hours a day, up to 7 days a week. This results in vehicles being “overworked.” Delaying replacements would directly contribute to increased response times on priority calls and/or would negatively impact stakeholder safety. In addition, considering the K2 drug crisis making local headlines, contemplating a cut in public safety resources lacks the forethought that a Council Member should be showing. What equipment or training may be necessary for our public safety professionals remains to be seen; however, it is clear that cutting replacement items, as my opponent inferred, does not benefit the community. 


* reference:

Safer Streets

Unfortunately, South Austin has seen its share of collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists. In 2016, there were 26 collisions involving pedestrians in the 78745 zip code alone. To minimize these traumatic events, Safe Routes must be expanded, including those that lead to our schools, area parks, and libraries. To accomplish this, focus must be given to sidewalk development along some of our busiest roadways.

(Neighboring area in D5: Davis Ln by West Gate Blvd near Cowan Elementary)


* crash data obtained from the Austin Police Department 

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Your safety matters...

As a first responder, and specifically a police chief, I offer a perspective scarcely present on the City Council. The city's most significant budget line items involve public safety, so how can we allow minimal representation by members with current, hands-on knowledge of same?

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